Mike Pate


Mike Pate brings over 17 years of specific powersports industry experience to the Powersports Listings team in the capacities of owner / operator of a major multi-line powersports dealership as well as managing director of acquisitions and sales of existing dealerships. Managing two of his own personal dealership buy / sell transactions as well as operating a flagship dealership for 17 years, equips Mike with unparalleled perspective and experience relative to both the buy side and sell side of dealership buy-out transactions. Mike’s broader experience encompasses a diverse range of fields including Real Estate, finance, consulting, small business ownership, inventory, and retail management. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and prior to his entry in the powersports Industry, was a commodities trader in the Energy Sector. Mike’s inside industry knowledge, interpersonal skills, and negotiating abilities provide a unique contribution in dynamically bringing parties together and closing deals. Marketing a dealership and allowing the owner to maintain operational consistency during the entire process from the start to consummating a deal is the primary focus of Mike and the Powersports Listings team. It is what sets us apart in this powersports industry niche.

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